Grupp Digital LLC was established in 2014, and focuses on building lasting relationships with different organizations throughout the United States. Our founder, Christian Grupp, started with ten years of industry experience, and is supported by a team of seasoned individuals to serve your organization. Our entire team has a background in the liberal arts and experience with digital solutions in the family office industry; we have found that the combined background in the liberal arts and the unique aspects brought by the family office industry experience allows our team to learn new paradigms quickly and take a much more holistic approach in designing and building digital solutions for organizations across different industries. In 2016 the company joined Grupp Organization LLC, and completed a full merger into the Family Enterprise  early Summer 2017. This merger has added Matthew P. Grupp to the leadership team, who has nearly two decades in business experience. Additionally, he runs several successful firms that leverage heavily on technology designed and implemented by members of the Grupp Digital team who have been working with him over the last decade.


Grupp Digital, LLC helps organizations in the SMB market-place with custom web development, Oracle Cloud ERP solutions, process development, digital marketing, branding, and public relations. Instead of taking a technical approach from the start, when given the opportunity we prefer to begin our projects by starting with learning the organizational needs driving this project, catching up to where the organization is in the process of satisfying these needs, and then using an iterative discovery process with key stakeholders to build a solutions design that is more than just a simple composite of everyone's knowledge and organizational acumen. Through prior experience we find that this solution design often, but not always, also encompasses a number of critical organizational processes that have a major impact on the organization, and often need additional definition and documentation. During this period of time, we are capable and happy to role up our sleeves to work side by side with you in properly identifying how to integrate this technological solution into your organization. 


After the solutions design is complete, we work carefully with your team members to build the project plan, and then coordinate between your organization and our team to begin the implementation. During the implementation phase, we generally use either a SCRUM or Waterfall methodology to manage the project, which is leveraged off of our internal, customized Oracle ERP solution. This allows for easy easy visibility into the status of project tasks and upcoming deadlines, an integrated communication solution between our team and your team, a centralized repository with change-logs for functionality requests and testing results, and the ability to analyze project risks and identify and mitigate potential road-blocks. Our team is well versed in solutions architecture spanning dozens of technologies to allow us to oversee the total lifecycle of a project as it interacts between all levels of your organization. In addition, we have extensive experience in full-stack LAMP and WAMP development, several of the more common CMS's in the LAMP space, a strong speciality in Drupal 7 & 8, the Symfony 2 & 3 frameworks, the AWS hosting environment, DNS set-up and maintenance, security best practices and auditing methodologies for the above-mentioned technologies and frameworks, UI/UX design, best practices in testing and validation, and a plethora of additional advertising, landing page optimization, and social management tools. To help in better completing your projects, we have formed partnerships with Oracle, Acquia, and Yext. Through our formalized implementation procedures, technical abilities, and strong partnerships we have the ability to execute the solution that we create together for your organization both quickly and efficiently.