Welcome to Grupp Digital, LLC

Grupp Digital, LLC helps organizations in the SMB market-place with custom web development, Oracle Cloud ERP solutions, process development, digital marketing, branding, and public relations. Instead of taking a technical approach from the start, when given the opportunity we prefer to begin our projects by starting with learning the organizational needs driving this project, catching up to where the organization is in the process of satisfying these needs, and then using an iterative discovery process with key stakeholders to build a solutions design that is more than just a simple composite of everyone's knowledge and organizational acumen. Through prior experience we find that this solution design often, but not always, also encompasses a number of critical organizational processes that have a major impact on the organization, and often need additional definition and documentation. During this period of time, we are capable and happy to role up our sleeves to work side by side with you in properly identifying how to integrate this technological solution into your organization. 



  • Maze

    Solutions Design

    As the Ancient Greek saying goes, "Well begun is half done." With less than a third of projects finishing on time and on budget according to the Standish Group and IT…
  • tech with servers


    The third step in the OFIM methodology is to Implement (Organize, Formalize, Implement, and Maintain). At Grupp Digital, LLC, we see three parts to the Implementation…
  • Monitoring the status quo

    Monitoring & Maintenance

    "If you are not going forwards, you are going backwards." The fourth step in the OFIM methodology is to Monitor (Organize, Formalize, Implement, and…
  • like made of people

    Marketing & P/R

    At Grupp Digital, LLC our technological efforts include outreach to your target audience to help spread the word of your project. We have experience in creating and…