Goal: Properly plan and prepare to conduct a successful Technology Roadmapping project.


Typical Length in Time: 1-2 months


Description: What goals should the Roadmap accomplish? Is there an established time-frame for the roadmap? Is there agreement on how differing opinions will be reconciled for the roadmap? What is not part of, or off limits to, the roadmapping process?


As the old saying goes: “Well begun is half done.” This is echoed by much research showing that poor planning is one of the leading causes for failed projects and businesses. To address this, we carefully crafted starting steps and questions to set you on the track for success. By answering these key questions up front and establishing the involved parties and their role, and organizing the data that needs to be analyzed, you will put the right foot forward with your technology roadmap to ensure your project’s success. We will guide you through each of the questions to ensure that you are set-up for success.



  1. ​​​​​​​Establish Responsible Parties and Commitment

  2. Tailor the Roadmap Process to Your Organization

  3. Organize Data to be Used in Analysis

  4. Determine Project Goals, Scope, and Boundaries

  5. Identify Authorized and Consulted Parties

    1. Information Gathering and Planning
    1. Information Gathering and Planning