Sarah Crowell

Sarah has championed the tactical coordination and execution for Grupp Digital projects. Starting with Sunset Plaza on Sunset Boulevard, she has developed an acumen for coordinating the placement of content across various marketing channels, forging partnerships and fostering collaboration in the industries relating to her clients. 


Sarah is extremely organized and brings a calm, collected voice to the table. No matter what the issue or challenge a client is experience, she will patiently sit, listen, and learn. After hearing what is on the client’s mind she will serve as the client’s champion internally and advocate on their behalf until the desired outcome is achieved. Her experience coordinating the 40+ tenants at Sunset Plaza gives her a unique advantage in giving individual attention to each person, mediating competing desires, and working to successful outcomes.


Sarah received her BA in Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Natural Science. She is a firm believer in supporting the people around her and learning something new every day.