Christian Grupp (Right)
Christian Grupp (right)

"Our power of perseverance is as that of an eagle. We soar above our challengers.”


He focuses on the small to medium business with an emphasis in closely- held businesses. He is a firm believer in consistent effort throughout any project lifecycle. Further, he can apply his vast experience and skills to the initial seed idea, and define the business needs, target markets, and prototyping all the way to the maintenance, utilization of analytics, metrics, and digital marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment. He inevitably brings a personal flare for the cutting edge, precise, and personalized to each one of his projects.


Each day he focuses on enabling the teams he is involved in, providing mentorship to those assigned to him, and developing strategic vision of promoting family and protecting wealth. He does this by combining experience with reading, writing, and reflection. Most projects that he works on involve a blend of team members from the client organization, internal team members, and external consultants. No matter what organization each team member sits in, he focuses learning from their knowledge and experience, as well as education, and where appropriate, mentorship.


Christian M. Grupp has been involved in the family businesses since 2005. Over the last decade, he has accumulated a wealth of diverse skills and abilities, while picking up both life and business lessons. Having been reared in the spotlight of “the Family Offices,” which included estate planning and trust practices, law, financial, and consulting practices, Christian understands the crucial role of business acumen in any endeavor.