like made of people

Social Media. Love it or hate it, it's a part of the commonly experienced world.

Social: enjoying the companionship of others in a friendly, gregarious manner often including the exchange of like-minded views.

Media: a means of communication (traditional examples such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines) that reach or influence people widely.

In the words of novelist Natalie Babbitt, “Like all magnificent things, it's very simple.”

Social media is a versatile and effective two-way platform providing you with the ability to engage with individuals and customers on both a one-to-many as well as a one-to-one basis. With the rise of the current social media storm, creating connections and maintaining relationships are an integral part of both a personal and business-oriented environment. On a business front, seeking companionship with customers of similar interests via social media develops long lasting relationship and as a result, is an effective tool for driving more revenue.

In a recent survey, 89 percent of marketers acclaimed that social media has generated increasing exposure for their business, and that increasing traffic was the second major benefit, with 75 percent citing positive reports?

This should come as no surprise considering new research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX) confirmed that Americans aged 18-64 who use social networks spend an average of 3.2 hours per day doing so. So when we say, storm…impending hurricane is probably more appropriate. A striking infographic compiled from data collected by a Social Media Examiner study list the top benefits achieved by social media by more than 3,000 marketers in 2013. Among the most notable include:

  • More than half of marketers using social media for more than 3 years pronounce that it has directly contributed to increased sales
  • Further, more than half of marketers with at least one year of social media experience were generating leads by means of these channels
  • 62 percent of businesses with 10 or fewer employees agreed social media reduced marketing expenses
  • 78 percent of participants found that website traffic increased with as little as 6 hours per week invested into social media marketing
  • Overall, the percentage of marketers reporting improvements has increased in all categories since 2013

That’s why we offer Social Media services and management. With the web as your “virtual business front”, we want to ensure that you are not fighting the hurricane but rather standing at the eyewall, providing the strongest winds. We have the experience, ambition, and resources to keep up to date with all the Social Media sites, trends, and strategies. Then we consolidate and condense these into Social Media programs tailored to suit your particular business, from small niche market segments to major broad interest products and services.

Given the importance of social media in your business success, it is vital that one meets this storm head on but not without a strategy and tactical tools. There are a wide range of Social Media strategies in tools, websites, and resources available from the highly trafficked and popular such as Facebook and Twitter to niche communities such as Care2 or LinkedIn, each equipped with their own nuances and requiring a unique finesse. Let us build you a presence in the social media storm, a presence that stands alone in ease, innovation, and sophistication. To succeed, you need an overall Social Media strategy, plans for particular tactical approaches, and an experienced Social Media partner who can help guide and advise you through these crucial first steps before implementing the Social Media component of your broader marketing plan. With our familiarity and proficiency in business advisement and counseling as well as our knowledge of and experience in the Social Media scene, we can help you with both. Reach out to us today for questions, advice, and a full list of our services. Stay on top of the market and improve your status and progress today!